This section is sort of unorganized and ah-hoc stuffs. I add on anything here when I find something useful.
1) Importance of Unstructured Data, See this also.
2) R Web Scraping examples
3) R GoogleAnalytics examples
4) R+GPU examples
5) Using R, RStudio to upload/download, read/write files to FTP, Github, Amazon S3, Dropbox, See example herehere, and here.
6) Interactive Plots in R
7) AWS + R, RStudio deployed on AWS, click this link.
8) SparkR
9) Tableau & R integration
10) Another thing worth looking at is the Python IDE based on the same technology as RStudio IDE.
11) R and D3 integration.
12) Some R’s memory stuffs.
13) How to create Infographics in R
14) R deployment using OpenCPU
15) OpenCPU Server on AWS
16) Cloud Computing in Singapore_IDA_2015
17) Setting up of MySQL RDS in AWS and Read/Write to Database from RStudio
18) R Tools for Visual Studio
19) Creating a Business Intelligence Dashboard with R and ASP.NET MVC
20) SQL Server 2016 + R Integration
21) crontab examples


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